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AvailableAvailable: Old set of Cleveland Golf Clubs and Bag

I have a set of "792" Cleveland golf clubs. Taylor Made Driver, 3 Wood, and 5 Wood, Cleveland clubs are 2 iron through pitching wedge. 7 iron is missing the cover. I also have a "Tom Watson" 58 degree sand wedge, and a standard putter. Also includes a Benninton black bag with a lot of pockets. Assorted tees. 2 boxes of golf balls and whatever you find in the pockets of the bag. I am asking $50 dollars. The grips on the Cleveland clubs must be new because they look unused. I must have needed them because I was so good, and probably then stopped playing :-)

Category: Sporting Goods
Asking Price: $50.00
Posted: June 9, 2018, 5:14 pm

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