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Listing: Iron Will: Memories of Vintage Tractors


Iron Will: Memories of Vintage Tractors from the readers of Farm and Ranch Living magazine. Full color hard cover in MINT condition. 152 pages.


What is it about tractors that brings out the pioneer spirit in their owners?

This book might answer the question.

Back around the early 1900s, it took a will of iron to transform America from a horse-driven country to one relying on horsepower under a hood. Even today, that same indomitable spirit enables folks to work long, hard hours to painstakingly restore those classic "Old Iron" tractors to their original glory.

Iron Will pays tribute - through stories and photographs - to these folks who love "Old Iron" so much ... and who are helping to preserve a bit of America's past at the present time. Even folks who aren't "Old Iron" buffs will find this book fascinating.

West Madison pick up.

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